• Advice

    If you want to use a Windows Store app, the computer will need to be logged in with your account.  This means in 2015 that only students from Years 7 to 12 can install those Windows Store apps.

    • Kodu

      Kodu is a fun, free game-making app.  Download it here.

      Complete the game making tutorial below.  You can download it here.  Your teacher will have hard copies of the tutorial as well.

      When you have completed the basic games via the lessons, add your own game element.

      • Doodleinator

        1. Download Doodleinator from the Windows Store
        2. Play the samples in the app
        3. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use it

        • Physamajig

          1. Download Physamajig from the Windows Store
          1. Open the app
          1. Watch the videos
          1. Create a catapult game

          • Music Maker Jam

            1. Download Music Maker Jam from the Windows Store
            2. Do not purchase any other genres.  Only use the free dubstep
            3. Watch this tutorial
            4. Make some wicked beats

            • LMMS

              1. Download LMMS from the Software Catologue using Internet Explorer at school
              1. Watch the tutorials to create a basic song

              • Project Siena

                • Touch Develop

                  1. Go to https://www.touchdevelop.com/
                  2. Launch the app in your browser
                  3. Choose a tutorial and make a cool game
                  Touch Develop

                  • Tinkerplay

                    1.  Download Tinkerplay from the Windows Store

                    2.  Watch the intro video

                    3.  Watch the tutorial and create your own character