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    Welcome to your Example Hive Learn Course!  You will gain access to your learning resources via this portal, including calendar events, assignment submissions and interactive activities like forums.  Click on the expandable topics to view the content.  All elements of this page are explained, with tutorials, in the Make a Great Course section.


    Your teachers are friendly and always ready to help. Click on the teacher's image to send them an email.

    Mr Smith Hi everyone. I'm Mr Smith. I enjoy using computers in the classroom and I am always good for a joke or two.  My email is msmith@cac.qld.edu.au.
    Ms Jones Hi there students. I'm Ms Jones, and I can't wait to help you reach your potential in this subject.  My email is mjones@cac.qld.edu.au.
  • Homework Grids

    Your Homework Grids for this term can be found below.  Click on the link to view or download the grid.

  • eSmart

    In this class, we use our eSmartz to protect and respect ourselves and our friends.  Click on the images below for great tips on how to be eSmart and for access to our eSmart activities.

    Surf Safe
  • Mathematics

    The Maths coursework is located below.  Click on each link to go to the concept and access the resources and activties.

  • Art

    Our Art focus this term was art in Maths.  Have a look at our creations below.

  • Information Technology

  • Make a Great Course

    Learn how to do all this cool stuff in this section.

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  • Embedding SkyDrive Files - Videos, Photo Galleries, Word docs, etc

    Embedding SkyDrive Files - Videos, Photo Galleries, Word docs, etc

    Embedding a Video